Enterprise Culture

Our company culture is created every day by all of the self-motivated, committed professionals who work here。 We do not pin list of values on the wall。 They are expressed in the way we work, with each other and with our clients。

Open, informal, flexible communications sets the tone in our company. We work together to deliver top-quality, tailored solutions our clients expect, all around the world. Solutions that can only come from teams bringing fresh ideas, different perspectives and individual flair, but also to work continually to create a deeper understanding of their business. 

Our employees are people who are self-directed and operates with a high degree of professional autonomy.  We do our best to help you thrive, so that we can continue to exceed our client’s expectations.

Dorland in the meaning of the Chinese means that our company has ambition to have the same merits as orchids, because the orchid symbolizes the honest and unswerving, elegant and pure and all the good characters, represents the pursuit of the ideal realm. And for dorland it means that our faith which is our company will be the industry's top brands. And we have to split into two parts of dorland in the English meaning. The first half of dorland is “dor” which has two means, one is the division of responsibilities, another one is fireflies. This represents our company has been committed to the field of safe explosion-proof, with the responsibility as our own sense of mission, and make our own contribution to the industry.. The second half is the "land", which represents dorland has a solid foundation and strong faith, as well as symbolizes our company is a innovated and created fresh soil, to allow employees create greater value for the company with the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.


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